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Technology has removed society from itself and from the world it inhabits. The constant barrage of external influences unsettles the mind and confuses what is most important. These influences from technology and society obscure the individual’s concept of being making it impossible for man to dwell. For dwelling is man’s relationship amongst things, that in turn creates a place for him to be. But, when the dwelling is penetrated by external influences it is difficult for man to focus on the present, it is difficult to Be.


To  reconcile  the  gap  technology has made   between society and the mind one must Be in his or her dwelling place free from these distracting influences. In order to Be, the distractions caused by external forces must be screened in order to create man’s space to dwell. This space creates solitude, allowing reflection on one’s self. With this awareness of one’s self the occupant returns to society with a heightened sense of Being, able to better deal with the external distractions of society.

This program allows individual occupants the solitude they require in order to re-enter society with a heightened sense of being. The program allows various types of people to reach solitude from within its bounds. The varied scale of space and privacy allows all types of people to feel able to occupy the programmatic areas. Parts remove the individual from society completely;


allow interaction between occupants whether the interaction be conversation or observation of one another. The program forms areas of movement in which occupants engage with by becoming physically active within them.

The program focus changes depending on time. The daytime use is a retreat from the daily life to a place of solitude. The night and weekend function is a meetinghouse for those struggling with substance abuse. The idea of individuals struggling with an external influence constantly on their mind is perfect for my thesis. The program would consist of spaces for gathering and other spaces for individual reflection areas for the occupants to deal with their problems in different ways. They can talk to themselves, each other, groups of people.

Souadabscook Stream (Hampden, Maine)

The stream offers more than picturesque views of pine trees and eagles, it is comprised of millions of micro events. Every piece of ledge creates a new space with small pools or creatures occupying it. As I walk the banks and scale the rocks I am taken through constantly changing experiences. The stream curves and conceals lost objects like rusty toy cars, old bottle dumps, horse shoes, and traces of old logging mills. As I am at the stream or in architecture I value the micro event and the act of discovery.

Säynätsalo Town Hall

My material preference is more on the rustic side comprised of rough bricks, natural wood, stone, moss. With this in mind I cannot live without Aalto and his use of materials.

Säynätsalo Town Hall

Coming from rural Maine I do not do so well living in the city with constant clatter surrounding me. When I venture into the city I look for places to escape, to separate myself from the noise of the city. This is one of those places. As you walk down Newbury Street you can pass by these hedges without a second glance. But if you investigate them you see that they conceal a bench nestled into the ground. Stepping down into the space the hedges rise above you and the city drowns in the leaves. Sitting in here one can read, contemplate, sleep or just sit.