Technology has removed society from itself and from the world it inhabits. The constant barrage of external influences unsettles the mind and confuses what is most important. These influences from technology and society obscure the individual’s concept of being making it impossible for man to dwell. For dwelling is man’s relationship amongst things, that in turn creates a place for him to be. But, when the dwelling is penetrated by external influences it is difficult for man to focus on the present, it is difficult to Be.


To  reconcile  the  gap  technology has made   between society and the mind one must Be in his or her dwelling place free from these distracting influences. In order to Be, the distractions caused by external forces must be screened in order to create man’s space to dwell. This space creates solitude, allowing reflection on one’s self. With this awareness of one’s self the occupant returns to society with a heightened sense of Being, able to better deal with the external distractions of society.